The application for the Artist in Residence Program 2017 is now closed! Thank you for your interest.

SCF invites Swedish artists to practice Swedish crafts (eg. glass blowing, wood craft, textile, etc.) every year for a maximum period of three months. During the period of stay at SCF the artist will work within his/her field with the aim of creating art pieces and exchanging skills. In addition to the creation process, the artist will also hold seminars and workshops. Furthermore, the artist will take part in various events organized by SCF to promote cultural exchange. At the end of the program, there will be an exhibition in which the created art pieces will be up for sale.

Purpose of the program:

1) Introducing Swedish art crafts and their history, as well as the artist’s art and technique.

2) Exchanging knowledge and techniques between Swedish and Japanese artists.

3) Introducing Sweden as a country (artist’s hometown, general information, society, culture,customs and traditions).

4) Giving the artist a new source of inspiration through a longer stay in a different environment.