A lecture and concert about “Wilhelm Petterson-Berger”

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This year is the 150th anniversary of birth of Wilhelm Petterson-Berger, a swedish composer.

We plan a lecture and concert about him as series of Swedish Composer’s introduction.

This time We will invite swedish soprano singer who working for “Musik i Dalarna”, Music organization in Sweden as guests. 


Date : September 13th (Wed) 19:00~

Place : Music Studio 1 of “L-plaza”, Sapporo Center of gender equality. 3rd floor

Entry fee : 1,500 yen

Maximum capacity : 25 persons


Performers : Mr. Takashi Asakura(Lecturer), Ms. Karin Holdar(Singer), Mr. Kaname Takamatsu(Piano)

Program : A lecture include some musics of Wilhelm Petterson-Berger.

“Frösöbromster(Flowers of Frey’s Island)”, 8 Melodies for Piano

“Marits Visor(Marit’s songs)” , 3 songs by Norwegian text by Björsjerne Björnson 

“Ur Fridolins Lustgård(From Fridolin’s Eden)”



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