Celebrate the Christmas season with crafts at SCF

Every year, SCF hosts a variety of Christmas-related events, with a focus on crafts. Why not try your and at a Christmas-y candle holder? Or perhaps your own Christmas star? On December 9:th we at SCF celebrate Lucia, and during this day we also offer ginger bread cookie decoration and a Christmas craft workshop!


① Make your own Christmas star to hang in the window!

Time and date:December 2:nd 0:00-16:00 (booking required)

Place:SCF Wood Workshop

Price:6,000 yen(includes tax and materials)

Instructor:Akio Shimada (Design Studio Shimada)

Max number of participants:6(Children under 15 with adult supervision only)

Please bring a pen and paper as well as a ruler.

※Wear comfortable clothes.


② Try making your own candle holder in glass!

Time and date:December 8:th, 10:00-16:00 (booking required)

(20 minutes per session)

Place:SCF Glass studio

Price:2,000 yen(The finished product cannot be taken home the same day. It can be picked up two days later or sent by mail.)

Instructor:Kai Hiroshi(SCF)

Max number of participants:8(4 AM、4 PM。From 15 years old)


③ Have fun with Swedish Christmas crafts!

This year we’ll be making candy canes with beads and pipe cleaners!

Arranged by:Tobetsu board for education Held by:Kids’ International Club

Time and date:December 9:th (Sunday) 13:00~15:30 (free・no booking required)

Place:SCF Center Hall



④ Ginger bread cookie decoration with frosting!

There is no Swedish Christmas without ginger bread cookies! Let’s make them pretty with frosting!

Time and date:December 9:th (Sunday) 13:00~15:30

Place:SCF Center Hall

Price:100 yen (no booking required)