If you ザリガニhappen to visit Sweden during August, you will inevitably come across special decorations hanging in shop windows. You will find paper lanterns painted with a smiling full moon as well as aprons, paper plates and napkins with crayfish patterns. In furniture shops you will find plates, bowls and glasses with crayfish decorations – not to mention the essential “snaps” glasses for drinking. Lastly, there will of course be an abundance of frozen crayfish to be had in the supermarkets. As you might have guessed, summer is the time for the Swedish traditional event Kräftskiva – Crayfish Party.

The custom of eating crayfish is in fact not that old; about 100 years ago, fishing for crayfish was forbidden most of the year apart from a few months in late summer and autumn. This gave birth to the custom of eating crayfish during this season. The way Swedish people eat their Crayfish cannot be said to be easy, however, if you experience a traditional Crayfish Party, your image of stiff Swedes might very well change.


At Sweden Center Foundation, we hold a Crayfish Party every year in the middle of August. With goods imported straight from Sweden – essential party hats and aprons – we enjoy the bright red delicacy as it is meant to be had – with our hands.

We warmly welcome you to the fun and exciting summer party of Kräftskiva!