If you thought that theスールストロミング Swedes traditional crayfish party was exotic, here is a festive food that will make it pale in comparison: surströmming (fermented herring). The fish is prepared through old preservation methods that date back to a time during which salt was rare and expensive. The people of old were therefore forced to use other methods to preserve their catch, and let it ferment without spoiling it. Today, surströmming can be bought in cans, but since the fermentation continues within the can, it swells after a year or so has passed.


The delicacy has madesurströmmingsklämma a name for itself across the globe as the “world’s most smelly food”. Here at Swedish Center Foundation, we hold try sessions for surströmming open to everyone! When we open the vintage cans (that are one year old) the smell that spreads will assault your senses with an unfamiliar, sharp and strange sensation. Together with the herring we enjoy potatoes with a healthy dose of beer and snaps to wash it down. Tunnbrödsrulle (flatbread from Northern Sweden) also suits this dish very well.


Our trial session for the world’s most smelly food is in popular demand and will provide you with a cultural experience you will not forget. Every year, the event that attracts the attention of locals and visitors alike as well as the media, newspapers and TV.

This year’s Surströmming event was cancelled due to COVID-19, Please looking forward the next year’s!