Swedish Center Foundation (SCF) opened in the heart of Sweden Hills in August 1986 and has ever since worked to develop and maintain friendship relations between Japan and Sweden. Our goal is to promote intercultural understanding and intellectual trade as well as art and education.Our office is compromised of three main buildings that are divided into areas for glass Works, wood works and cultural administration.

We often invite trainees to our studios with the aim of keeping a steady stream of exchange in techniques and skills.

We also endeavor to promote traditional Swedish goods, such as the Dalahorse, as well as classical Swedish glass works. On the cultural side, we hold annual traditional events open to both visitors and locals, such as the Midsummer Festival, Lucia Celebration, and  Crayfish Party.

We maintain close ties with Swedish society, not only in the cultural sense but also through commercial and economical activities. Swedish Leksand is the sister city of Tobetsu since 1987.

On a historical note, the establishment of the Swedish Center Foundation took place in March 1983 under the initiative of private sector companies and with the authorization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to then open three years later in 1986. At this time, the Swedish King also said he would like to “further deepen friendship-ties with Japan” and so the Japan-Sweden collaboration started.