The Lucia festival is a traditional event that takes place every year on the 13th of December. It is extremely popular throughout the entire country, in fact to the extent that competitions are held to chose a Lucia in many places. On the 13th of December, kindergardens, schools, companies, churches, official and private spaces will see the celebration of this festival. A young woman dressed in a white robe, the Lucia, will be in the lead of a row of participants who are also dressed in white. They will sing for their audience, and afterwards traditional saffron bakery (lussekatt) as well as drinks are handed out.
The Lucia will wear a red ribbon around her waist and a garland on her head that bears several candles, emitting the soft light of a halo. Among her companions, there are those who wear pointy hats with stars, and others who wear white robes with candles in their hands. There are also those who wear gingerbread men costumes.

Here at SCF, we hold a Lucia Celebration every year on the Sunday that is closest to the 13th of December. Children who live in the area participate, and together we enjoy this tradition from across the globe. Please feel free to invite friends and family, and come join us for this cozy winter festival.



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